Paul Schabas, Partner - Blakes | Former Treasurer of the Law Society of Ontario

Quinn Ross will be a great Bencher.  His deep knowledge of  legal regulation and his progressive, change-oriented approach is what the Law Society needs more of, if it is to govern the profession well, and in the public interest.


Yasir Naqvi, CEO - Institute for Canadian Citizenship | Former Attorney General of Ontario

Quinn Ross is bold and direct. His focus on technology to meaningfully enhance access to justice is what is needed at Convocation.


Janet M. Fuhrer, Partner - Ridout & Maybee LLP | Former President of the Canadian Bar Association

Quinn Ross is an engaged and thoughtful candidate for LSO Bencher who has my support. Having completed his term as President of the Ontario Bar Association, he is willing to turn his considerable leadership experience and skills to the task of meeting the regulatory challenges facing the profession, to the benefit of the public. I urge you to vote for Quinn Ross.


Guy Pratte, Chair, Pro Bono Ontario | Partner - Borden Ladner Gervais

The Law Society needs benchers that will really champion the cause of access to justice. Quinn Ross has demonstrated he is such a champion.


Lynne Vicars, President of the Ontario Bar Association

I was so grateful for having had the opportunity to work closely with Quinn on the board of the Ontario Bar Association. Quinn possesses all the qualities of a great leader, he’s a patient, thoughtful, inclusive consensus builder with vision, passion and an incredible ability to get people working together.  Quinn’s commitment to diversity and inclusion stems from his genuine desire to see no one excluded, no one left behind. Quinn knows that it’s our differences that make us stronger and he works tirelessly to ensure all perspectives are heard and explored. We were very fortunate to have him as our president and the profession would be well served having Quinn as a bencher.


Raj Anand, Partner - WeirFoulds LLP | Co-chair, Working Group on Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees

Quinn will bring to Convocation a healthy dose of intelligence, energy, sensitivity and appreciation of our profession’s diversity.


Ranjan Agarwal, Partner - Bennett Jones LLP | Former President South Asian Bar Association (Toronto)

As President of the OBA, Quinn championed the legal causes that matter to public in the 21st century: diversity and equality and leveraging technology to better access to justice. As a bencher, he will do the same and more. He is part of a new generation of lawyers that understands the need to change the profession to better serve a changing public. Sometimes, we get the leaders we deserve. Sometimes, we get the leaders we need. And, at this moment, we need Quinn Ross.


Brad Berg FCIArb, Partner - Blakes

Quinn would make a great bencher and sees the broader perspectives in our profession. Also tons of energy.


Adam Dodek, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

Quinn Ross is a true leader of the profession.  He has the vision and the commitment to lead in times of change for the legal profession. Quinn is precisely the sort of leader that we need at Convocation.


Chris Bentley, Managing Director of the Legal Innovation Zone | Former Attorney General of Ontario

I support Quinn and his focus on the future. This approach will both serve the Public Interest and strengthen the Profession.

Jayashree Goswami, Senior Legal Counsel - Intact | Former Chair Round Table of Diversity Association

Quinn is not just a proven leader but a fearless changemaker.   His style of leadership is inclusive, impactful, and transformational.  During his term as the President of OBA, I found him refreshingly approachable, always prepared, keen to listen and ready to challenge the status quo for the right reasons.  I am a longstanding advocate of equity and diversity in this profession and I am proud to support Quinn Ross for bencher. 


Peter Aprile, Principal - Counter Tax | Innovator in Residence - Ontario Bar Association

Quinn’s authentic intention, energy, and intellect guide his desire to serve the LSO, our profession, and the people in our society without access to justice. I’m happy to support Quinn’s candidacy. How many in our profession are like Quinn? Very few.  


Kathryn Hendrikx, Principal - Hendrikx Family Law | Former President of the Woman’s Law Association of Ontario

I enthusiastically endorse Quinn’s election as Bencher of the Law Society . Quinn is solution orientated, collaborative and looks to the future of our profession. He is visionary in his thought and pragmatic is his approach.


Daniel Schwartz, Partner - Thornton Grout Finnigan LLP

Quinn always listens, often to voices that are hard to hear.  Quinn speaks, often for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Quinn will make a difference as a bencher and will not stop working until he does.  Quinn walks the walk, and does so with poise, professionalism, integrity and the fiercest of dedication.  We need more Quinns.


Orlando DaSilva LSM, Senior Crown Counsel | Serious Fraud Office - Ministry of the Attorney General

I got to know Quinn through several years together on the board of the Ontario Bar Association.  During that time, and in the years that followed, Quinn impressed me as a genuine and forceful leader of the bar.  I am so happy to know that he is running for Bencher because Convocation, indeed the Profession-at-large, needs his energy, influence, and intelligence.  Quinn is such a positive force for change, he should be supported by all of Ontario's lawyers.


David Sterns, Partner, Sotos LLP

I've worked with Quinn for years on the board of the Ontario Bar Association where he stood out as a passionate and thoughtful leader of the profession.  He truly understands the needs of the profession and the vital role that the Law Society plays in serving the public interest.  I'm a strong believer in the importance of self-governance for the legal profession.  Maintaining self-governance requires lawyers with the highest integrity and the willingness to work on behalf of the public that Quinn possesses.  I fully support him in his run for bencher and encourage others to as well.'


Eugene Meehan, QC, Supreme Advocacy | Past President - Canadian Bar Association | Former Executive Legal Officer - SCC

Quinn Ross – an agent for change, and agent of change. Mr. Ross is not interested in mere labels.  He is more interested in what’s in the lunch than the lunchbox.


Bob Tarantino, Counsel - Dentons

Quinn is exceptionally thoughtful about legal service delivery and regulation, sensitive to the interface of technology, access and substantive justice. The public and the profession could have no better voice at the table when the future of the profession is being decided.


Thomas Heintzman O.C., Q.C., FCIArb, Principal - Heintzman ADR

I am supporting Quinn Ross for bencher. Quinn will provide a thoughtful approach to the issues which Convocation will be facing over the next four years. 


Charlene Theodore, In House Counsel - Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association

Quinn is a man of integrity who has a vision for the future of our profession that I believe in.  He has consistently given his time to advocate for the interests of lawyers across this province on the issues we all grapple with – Alternative Business Structures, practice innovation, articling, self regulation, and diversity in all aspects of the profession.  I’ve worked closely with Quinn on Ontario Bar Association diversity and practice initiatives and know him to be a forward thinking leader who is committed to changing the profession for the better.


Signa Daum Shanks PhD, Professor Osgoode Hall Law School

Repeatedly, Quinn Ross has demonstrated the difficult skill of borrowing the best ideas from previous experiences while simultaneously creating new ideas that take on deeply entrenched perspectives in need of change. He understands how to balance tradition with innovation as he respects how everyone has a perspective that is important to hear. I’ve watched him learn quickly, be brave when a little or a lot of courage is needed, and be regularly funny. Supporting him means supporting commitment, sensibility, resolve and compassionate judgment.


Kathryn Manning, Partner - DMG Advocates LLP

Quinn Ross is just the type of Bencher that Ontarians need on the LSO. His dedication and passion for equity, diversity and inclusion, along with his ability to listen, compromise and bring together diverse views in a respectful manner will well-serve both the public and Ontario lawyers. Quinn’s leadership, tireless work ethic and collegiality shone through when we sat on the OBA Board together. His knowledge of the issues in the legal profession, experience working with government and legal organizations and his focus on innovation in the profession make him an excellent choice for Bencher.


Eric Nanayakkara, Principal - Regency Law Group

Quinn is a natural born leader who uses a principled approach for the greater good of those he serves.  He is smart, moral, dedicated and hard working.  I fully endorse Quinn’s campaign for Bencher and wholeheartedly believe that the public, our profession and the Law Society of Ontario will be extremely well served by his election.


Doug Downey, Partner - Downey Tonosky Lassaline & Timpano

I have known Quinn for several years and had the pleasure to work alongside him as he rose in leadership positions with the Ontario Bar Association. He is principled, driven, and an agent of change.


Reuben Rosenblatt LLD, QC, LSM, Partner, Real Estate Group Chair - Minden Gross LLP

I have known Quinn as a dear friend and colleague since his graduation from law school and his call to the Bar.  Not only is Quinn an outstanding professional and colleague, he has always been dedicated to our profession, its continuing role in society and he is committed to dealing with and enhancing the changing face of our profession.  Quinn has shown his commitment to the profession and access to justice and to public interest by his service to the Ontario Bar Association serving with distinction as the 2017-2018 President of the Ontario Bar Association and with continuing service on so many other legal committees. 

 Quinn is a candidate who not only deserves your vote but is candidate who will make you proud.